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Memorial Ceremonies


A memorial service is different from a funeral service in that no burial or cremation actually takes place, and may be held for various reasons including not being able to have the funeral you wished for at the time of death due to the Covid 19 pandemic, family members and friends not being attend at the time of the funeral or numerous other reasons.  

The ceremony can take place at any time after death and is sometimes held years afterwards when perhaps it feels right to remember a special anniversary or in some cases when family and friends feel ready to have a larger ceremony which celebrates their loved one’s life. This can often be the case when somebody has died in challenging or unusual circumstances.


Memorial ceremonies give friends and family the opportunity to say goodbye to their loved ones in a way that feels absolutely right for them.

There are no rules regarding content or venue and whereas some ceremonies take place at a crematorium or at the burial site, many more are conducted in nature or at special venues. 

It is your way to say a special goodbye, in the way you wish to remember them and which reflects the loved one in a way true to them as they lived, remembering the things they loved in life and what it was that made them such a special person.

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